HP Consolidated Archive

Significant data growth and the continued increase in regulatory and compliance requirements are driving organizations to become more aware of their overall information governance strategy to mitigate the risks presented by their data. To address these challenges, HP Consolidated Archive provides an intelligent information archiving solution that can help you manage, control, and enable greater insight into data throughout your organization.  HP Consolidated Archive delivers rich visibility and conceptual understanding across information stored in disparate repositories, enabling advanced search, eDiscovery, risk management, and regulatory compliance.


Identify, manage, and control most data types across enterprise repositories to support policy management, compliance, and legal preparedness.

Expedite searches and gain greater insight from a broad range of content types and information sources.

Reduce investments in storage and hardware by decreasing your information footprint through de-duplication and other data reduction technologies.

Robust eDiscovery search, legal hold, collection, and export capabilities to accurately and efficiently identify critical responsive data.

Meet corporate, industry, and government compliance monitoring obligations with increased visibility across electronic communications.

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