Information Archiving




Litigation Readiness Archiving: 

Archiving solution helps you to identify, manage, search, and preserve data across all formats and repositories in a defensible manner within a consolidated archive. You can perform streamlined eDiscovery processes to ensure all responsive data can be identified quickly and cost effectively

Storage Optimization:

Most organizations today are experiencing explosive information growth, while needing to improve data access, reduce costs, and increase IT efficiency.  Storage Optimization Archiving solution addresses these initiatives through a range of capabilities including mailbox management, historical data remediation, data de-duplication, and data lifecycle management. We help you to deliver increased ROI from IT investments and get greater business value from your data. Storage Optimization Archiving solution provides a comprehensive approach to effectively managing all information regardless of format or source, to help you to identify, access, search, and secure all your information while enabling storage optimization, cost reduction, and increased productivity.

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