System Integration

Complex systems integration challenges are required to manage the power of emerging technologies : that’s for within your own organization’s bindings, with your external partners, suppliers, and clients. Instead  systems integration specialists can help you manage the complexity inherent with technology change, from requirements planning to architecture, testing to deployment, and beyond.

Instead works mainly in a multivendor approach, choosing from time to time the most effective solution focusing on two main area of expertise:

Network security

Perimeter and network security is the first line of defense in many organizations. Firewalls are a mandatory component of network security. However, misconfigurations, poor policies and deployment architectures can lead to a false sense of security. Instead  helps its clients by performing detailed analyses on these critical components to ensure that malicious intruders do not gain access to your critical assets.

Adding Network Access Control (NAC) to an existing network is a high-impact and significant change to the physical network. When NAC is in place, the network is no longer a neutral substrate for moving packets around as quickly as possible. Instead, it becomes a security barrier; authenticating users, evaluating the security of end-point systems, and applying access controls focused on the user and their security status.

According to Kaspersky last reports, percentage of spam in total email traffic is about 66%-70%.
Email security involves  maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information resources. Viruses, spam and phishing are the main threats to email security.

Each computing device on a corporate network has to comply with certain standards before network access is granted.  Endpoints can include PCs, laptops, smart phones, tablets and other specialized equipment. To protect endpoint devices, Instead propose specific solution:

  • Antivirus/Antispyware
  • Personal Firewalls
  • Data Loss prevention
  • Local encryption software

Messaging & Collaboration

Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 and Microsoft Exchange 2013 are clear leaders in Messaging & Collaboration solutions.
Experienced Instead engineers and solution partners can help customers to deal with messaging architecture, migration, archiving and collaborative solutions

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